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3 x 720p, Has Anyone Tried Triple 720P TV's

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The other day at walmart I saw a stack of 32 inch 720p TV’s for only $98 each,

which got me thinking about a triple monitor rig.

Currently I am getting 48 Frames-Per-Second with a single 1080p (which I love),

I think I should expect 36 FPS with a triple 720p.



1 – Has anybody tried a triple 720p monitor setup? and do you like it?


2 – Will I be able to tolerate the pixels in a 720p monitor at arms-length?

(As opposed to a 1080p monitor getting a 720p signal)

(the world has gone from NTSC to 720p-HD to 1080p-Full-HD to 2160p-Ultra-HD).


3A – In a flight simulator, will I notice the reduction in fps from 48 to 36 ?

3B – In a Car-Racing simulator where the scenery is closer, is 36 fps still ok?


4 – Is my math for expected frame-rate close enough? Or am I missing something important?


Thanks in advance





Here is my math

1,080 x 1,920 = 2,073,600 Area of one 1080p monitor (in pixels)

720 x 1,280 = 921,600 Area of one 720p monitor

3 x 921,600 = 2,764,800 Area of three 720p monitors

New pixels workload --> 2,764,800

Old pixels workload --> 2,073,600

gets me a 1.33 or 0.75 ratio depending on how I am going to use it.

Currently I am getting 48 Frames-Per-Second with a single 1080p,

I think I should expect (0.75 x 48fps =) 36 FPS with a triple 720p.

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