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Upgrading CPU question

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Hi all


I am thinking of upgrading my CPU. Right now i have a system with an i5 3570, a 750 GTX, with 8 GB RAM. I would like to replace the CPU with an i7 3770k. I have FSX settings at low to medium, and plan to keep it that way. I have something stutters when taxying and landing, would this upgrade fix this?


And do i have to reinstall w7 after reolacing the CPU?


Thanks for helping me out


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Well, looking at the single thread rating between the two at Passmark, The 3570 is rated at 2028 while the 3770 is rated at 2083. So not much of a bump in performance. It could help, but I have my doubts.


Stutters could be from other things like the amount of add-ons you have, AI, your FSX settings, etc. You don't have anything running in the background while you play do you?

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