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Inadvertent Fuel Dump


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This is Airbus issue with WH panels. I save the aircraft with fuel load and later when starting the flight it opens with empty tanks. Have mentioned it before but now I found out that disabling:

///gauge57=dsd_fuel_dump!fuel_dump_transparent, 239,495,37,30,.\Gauges\ab340km_fuel_dump.ini

in the panel prevents this problem and flight opens correctly with the saved fuel.

My question is, what is this gauge used for and by disabling it, does it cause any problem. On surface disabling it does not seem to

affect the flight at all.

Just curiosity!

Any comments appreciated.

Many Thanks


Peter Bendl

ex. British Airways

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Hi Peter,


I assume from the title that the gauge is part of the main fuel management panel and controls the fuel dump element rendered as a functioning aspect of the models' overall fuel system.


Could it possible be that you have the fuel dump x-feed pump(s) and/or, if fitted, its master switch(es) open - either by default due to a panel coding setting or inadvertently set at some stage and then saved as part of the default flight settings...….




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