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The 2015 Round the World Race is looking for pilots!!!


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The thirteenth annual FS Round the World Race is scheduled to start on Saturday, February 21, 2015. In this event, pilots fly for teams who run a baton race around the globe in real time and real weather. All pilots are invited to participate. For details, you can go to the official FS Round the World Race website. And for an introduction to how the event works, you might visit the Introduction to the Round the World Race.


If you are interested, you can join up with one of the teams: the event is a challenge and all teams need pilots. You can go directly to the "Race Forum" for each of the participating teams. At the team forums, you should find a thread that welcomes new participants. See:





You will be warmly welcomed.



Mike MacKuen, Rob Ibey and Ed Keller



FS Round the World Race

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