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My best FPM yet (-41)


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Ah, I may be blind, deaf and perhaps dumb, but that is a negative integer, yo.


Yeah, I was mistakenly responding to the idea that the passengers ‘thought we never landed’ as a misunderstanding that a negative integer meant climbing. In retrospect, the responses above were celebrating a landing the passengers could barely feel while I was getting off-target pedantic. Oh, whiskey...


Nice landing, congrats!

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So is that the so-called, "FS Passengers" I've heard about? How is it rating that? I mean, with such a shallow decent it's like there was no GS interception.


FS Passengers sounds like a great App, but I don't need constant gold medals since I already fly pretty well for the most part. LMAO! :D I mean, I've flown for so long and know how to operate my FS machine in a proficient matter (no idea about real life). If you're following SID and STARS then a rating on descent is a moot point if you ask me.

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I think it’s measuring the rate of descent at the exact moment you touch down on the runway and gives you the -fpm and a descriptive rating.



Send button hit too soon.


I get what you mean about it judging your profile if you’re flying SIDs and STARs. Curious to see what else it judges - bank angle, rate of climb, turbulence, etc.

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A rating on turbulence would kinda of suck since that's out of your control. But then again, I've head that if you do have a lot of turbulence you should slow down. I do this on some occasions. In fact, I had to slow down while flying into hurricane Florence.
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