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Comparison: X-Plane vs P3d Airport Scenery?


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Hi: I have perhaps a unique way of enjoying my flight simulation...I like to fly around airports; Not between airports, but around them, doing touch and go's, approaches, etc...I would appreciate anyone's opinions on which simulator, X-Plane or P3d has the best, most realistic scenery airport addons, both payware and player made...I plan to upgrade to one or the other simulators soon, and want to make the buy that would be most enjoyable for me...Again; not interested in add-on textures, mesh and so on...Just airports! Thanks for the advice...


Steve in Kansas

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Guest lavochkin

Hi Steve,

I am all in for X-plane 11. You can find free scenery for almost any airport. Or the software is free and all of the scenery libraries are free. the software is user friendly and easy to make your own scenery. The software allows you to import a top view of the airport from Bing and using the scenery libraries are able to make a realistic airport scenery.


I highly recommend X-Plane 11. My reason why, it is cheaper than others.

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