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Icelandair 757 Cargo Flight


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The first version of MS flight simulator I played was FS II in 16 colours back in the eighties, much has happened since then to say the least. I love this simulator, and I started using it again thanks to Multi Crew Experience which is a great product and I think brings the simulator to life with the power of voice interaction. I like it so much that had to do a recording. The QW 757 is a lovely aircraft aswell.


Here I fly a 757 cargo conversion in Icelandair Cargo colours from Keflavik (BIKF) to Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA). I fly on real world data, so this is the actual weather for the day of the flight.


This is my first post, so feedback is much appreciated!


Hope you enjoy the video!



Best Regards






thumb1_s.png thumbs5_s.png


thumbs7_s.png thumb3_s.png

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