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AI flight timings gone crazy


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I have just finished a marathon AI flight plan covering 24 hours at one airport, testing (successfully) every now and again to check the aircraft. When I now run FS9 from 00:00 (gmt) I find that some aircraft turn up within 8 minutes despite the fact that they are set to turn up much later. One example is:


is supposed to (and does) appear just before 02:29 but also flies in at 00:08 !! AC#120 is defined as

AC#120,300,"Boeing 787-9 V5 AI Air China B-7877"

and has its cruise speed set at 300 in the relevant aircraft file.

There is only one flight plan in use at the moment, covering RPLC only.

Any ideas? or have i missed something?

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What I would do is to start the cycle from RPLC at 03.09. 24Hr plan does not like to work backwards:


Sometimes the schedule does not like@, or to force arrival. This might also act-up. if you leave the schedule with ,, after departure (as above) the TTools will calculate the arrival for you. If the calculated arrivals will look nonrealistic play with the speed set in the relevant aircraft file. Obviously higher speed less time to fly.

Good luck

Peter Bendl

ex. British Airways

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