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Read / Write real-time simulation data


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I am currently involved in a project to teach a flight simulator how to land with artificial intelligence and I am considering to use this flight simulator in the project.



Two areas are critical in this project:


1. Control the planes behavior/movement in real time


2. Read environmental data in real time (speed, height, weather, position etc.)



Does anyone have any experiences with these two points? I would really appreciate if you could share your experiences!



Have a great day!


Kind Regards

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FG's design is very much centered around the concept of 'properties' - this is an accessible set of internal variables (and the rules to generate properties from other properties on a per-frame basis). Practically all properties can be read out from an external application if so desired, and a subset can also be set - for instance I've seen an instructor station where airplanes could be controlled from a tabled carried by the instructor, or failures could be triggered that way (by setting properties from the external application). And reading out the environment is equally easy.


So what you describe is well supported, that much I know - and I seem to remember having seen something very similar described somewhere, but it's not really my area of interest or expertise.


If you want the shortcut to the technical details, I'm sure if you write to




people will point you to the right documents.

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