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Read / Write real-time simulation data


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I am currently involved in a project to teach a flight simulator how to land with artificial intelligence and I am considering to use this flight simulator in the project.



Two areas are critical in this project:


1. Control the planes behavior/movement in real time


2. Read environmental data in real time (speed, height, weather, position etc.)



Does anyone have any experiences with these two points? I would really appreciate if you could share your experiences!



Have a great day!


Kind Regards

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One way to get real time control of AI planes and get environmental data is by using SimVar by Jim Keir in an FSX mission scenario. There is a SimVar command called WPT (waypoint) that works well for AI control. The IF command allows you to test any simulation variable and the SET command allows writeable simulation variables to be changed. PROFILE command allows simulation variables to be set as an internal variable that can be tested and manipulated. These are just a few commands I've used.


Otherwise, if you are a programmer, write an addon program using SimConnect, but I don't know how well you can control AI with this approach.



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