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Why you don't fly into a hurricane!


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When ever there is a hurricane nearby I fly into it. After all, it's just a Sim. Well, this was the first time flying into a hurricane with AS16 and Cloud Art and wow! I couldn't maintain pitch or bank to save my soul. Flew out of Orlando, Florida to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Wind at Myrtle was variable at about 70 knots from 11,000 feet and then decreasing down to about 30 knots on final. As I was trying to follow the LOC and GS I accidentally cut my throttles on my yoke. Trying to regain altitude I scraped the Atlantic ocean. Not something I ever do. I never crash in the Sim unless I'm goofing around. Looking back at it now I think I could have done better.




Use HD.





I seem to be having issues with the video embed. Use the link if it doesn't work for you either.

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