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FlyJet2.com Recruiting Pilots


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Hi there,


I’m Scott, CEO of FlyJet2.com and I am very pleased to announce we are currently recruiting pilots for our Airline.


We have 600+ schedules to over 40+ destinations. We have hubs based all over the UK, flying to some of the most beautiful parts of Europe.


We offer pilots the chance to be as realistic as they like by following company Precedures or if you prefer a more relaxed experience that’s fine to. Also with our custom SmartCars Tracker you can be rest assured your flights will not be missed.


Also we offer a discord server so you can talk to fellow pilots and get quick support from our team.


As are VA is constantly evolving and improving we look to our pilots to provide feedback on features they want to see or not so sure on, just like our Point system, pilots asked for it and we listened.


So if you are looking for a community to make new friend, a realistic experience or simply to get away from stresses of life, then we have something for you.


Sign up using the link below and start your FlyJet2.com experience.


Happy Landing





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