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Switching Virtual Cockpits


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Is there a way to take a VC from an FSX model and copy it to a model that does not have one at all? I only fly aircraft with VCs and there are many models out there I'd love to fly that don't have them. So wondering if this is at all possible?


I have a working knowledge of FS Design Studio and I am aware that the VC is usually created from the external base fues, however, once the code is created can it not be re-allocated or converted some way to another model?


Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.



May your Dunlops always Dangle!

Mike P

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Yes it is possible, as the VC is a seperate "interior" model & as long as the aircraft you want to add the VC is a native FSX model.


Here's a brief description of how it's done.


1- Copy the "interior" model from the doner aircrafts model folder into the recipient aircrafts model folder, you will need to add the interior model to the model.cfg, copy this from the doner model.cfg.

2- Copy any VC textures from the doner aircrafts texture folder into the recipient aircrafts texture folders, or you could use a texure.cfg to alias them.

3- You could either use the complete panel from from the doner aircraft by just copying & replacing the existing panel folder (but make sure that the existing panel does not include gauges that control animations, Posky & TDS have this) or you could just use the VC parts that you need, to do this you will need to copy everything apart from the panel.cfg & any 2D panel textures into the recipient aircrafts panel folder then add the VC sections from the doner aircrafts panel.cfg to the recipient aircrafts panel.cfg.

4- The eyepoint = in the [Views] section of the recipient aircrafts aircraft.cfg may need to be adjusted so that the VC in the sim is aligned correctly.

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Cheers Paul,

Yep, I have in the past answered posts around the forums, only to be left wondering if the OP was still around or has found an answer elsewhere. Sometimes many days or weeks go by... Please don't get disheartened others can still benefit from reading your posted advice.


Cheers Jethro

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