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Saitek/Logitech Rudder Pedal Issue

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Long time lurker, first time poster..

Anyway - I just bought a set of the new Logitech/Saitek Rudder Pedals. I installed the downloaded software the correct way, and the computer recognizes them. I went into the FSX settings and removed the settings defaults. I set the left and right axis toe brakes to be brakes in FSX, and loaded up.

For some reason, the sim loads to a state with brakes engaged as soon as I move either pedal. The actual movement of the rudder is perfect, no complaints there. I had to remove the mappings for the toe brakes, though, because as soon as it detected any movement along any axis from the pedals, it applied full left toe brake, even if I took my feet off the pedals and left them centered.

In the Windows calibration settings, the same is true. The rudder motion looks fine - it centers and moves according to the pedals. For some reason, though, the toe-brake axis defaults to full left applied with the pedals completely centered, and the Windows calibration doesn't much help.

If I go through the Control Panel to game controllers and select the Pedals, the values indicated are accurate. Once I actuate the pedals, the left and right toes go from a mid-range to both 0 and stay there until I press one. So Windows does recognize the inputs correctly, but for some reason the calibration through FSX won't recognize the neutral position and defaults to full left toe brake.


Do I need to purchase FSUIPC and calibrate the toe brake axes that way? Or what am I doing wrong? I just bought them last night, and through at least one channel, I can verify that the inputs the computer is seeing as correct, so I tend to think nothing is defective.

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