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Dan Pecher AI Repaints Query


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Hi there,


On the Ultimate Traffic Classic i.e. 1 Forums. Dan Pecher, aka dpecher, posted some screenshots, of AI repaints he had recently done. For Ultimate Traffic 1, of Airlines which didn't have a repaint for a particular AI Aircraft, that could be found on the internet. He said he was going to upload them, here on Flightsim.com and also on Avsim.com.


I can only find one of his repaints, for Phuket Air, for a NAMC YS-11 on this Website, and Avsim.com. If they are not on this and that Website, does anyone know, which Website he has uploaded the others to, if at all that is ? I asked on that forum a couple of months back, but have had no reply.





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