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Ask your questions here! - Flight Sim Show 2018


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Hey guys,


Its that time of the year again where I ask you all for your questions for the Flight Sim Show 2018 developer interviews video! Last year we got just under an hour of video where I spoke to all of the major developers at the event, and this year I hope to try and beat that!


Whenever I do these, rather than asking the standard questions we normally get from interviews, I instead ask what you, the flight simulator users, want to know as at the end of the day, you guys are the ones that use their products.


You can view a list of developers attending the event here - http://www.flightsimshow.com/

Likewise, if you want to watch last years video, that can be seen here -


Any questions you guys have, please do ask and I'll be sure to add them onto my list! See some of you there. B')


Check out my YouTube Channel for FSX, X-Plane and other simulator content!


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