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FS Repaint and Sharklets


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I've searched the forum and can't find mention of this problem.


I use FS Repaint a lot, but lately with a lot more aircraft having sharklets, there's an odd effect. On opening the 3D view, there's no aircraft to be seen. By backing off the zoom slider, the aircraft appears, at a great distance (ie tiny) and well above the 'centre' of the 3D view. It's still possible to open the textures and edit them, but almost impossible to then check in the 3D view, as it's too far away. Zooming in, the aircraft just disappears upwards.


By a process of elimination, I think it only happens with aircraft using one of the 'sharklet' models. These are particularly found in FAIB repaints of A320 family, with model types such as CFM_S, IAE_S and probably others. Non-sharklet models, it works fine.


Has anybody else found this? Any ideas how to correct it? Thanks.

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