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HP Pavilion Elite HPE-150f running FSX

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My system is an HP Pavilion Elite HPE-150f, from circa 2011, and after it´s hard drive went out, I´ll need to upgrade to an SSD, and maybe a new Video card to run FSX faster. The config is as follows:


Intel Core I7-860

8gb DDR3 RAM

NVidia Geforce GT230


With this config and a new SSD Drive, what FPS should I expect running on dense scenery and some Carenado addon airplanes? I was also looking for an upgrade to Nvidia GTX 580 or GTX 750, or it is a waste of money on this system?



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It's a waste of money. Save more and get a new system. Build it yourself- you'll get more bang for the buck.


That chip only runs at 2.8ghz, and the vidcard upgrade wouldn't help much for FSX because it relies much more heavily on the CPU than the GPU.


As for frame rates, as I'm sure you know, the answer depends on where in this dense scenery you're flying. You'll get much better frame rates over the Atlantic Ocean than you will over Manhattan.


But if I had to guess, you might be able to pull off "smooth" over big stretches of water or bare land, and if you get anywhere near a developed area you'll be somewhere between "old security camera" and "Powerpoint presentation." ;) Of course, you can smooth it out a lot by turning those sliders down, but I completely understand why you don't want to do that.

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