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Missing Ultimate Traffic 1 Airline Repaints Query


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Hi there,


Does anyone know, anywhere on the Internet, or even old Websites on web.archive.org, where you can get obscure repaints for Airlines,


in Ultimate Traffic 1 ? I have found and installed lots of the missing repaints in Ultimate Traffic 1, from the old Project AI Website, on Web.Archive.org, and some from this website,


and http://www.flightsim.com, but many I still can't find, I am wondering if some of the Airlines, are not spelt correctly. For example, I can't find an AI Aircraft Repaint for a Boeing 747 for an Airline called Redair,


repaints for Trans Atlantic Airlines, and for a B747 of an Airline called Thai Pacific Airlines. There are others, but too many to mention here. Does anyone on this forum have those and other missing repaints, and if so which other Websites did you get the from ? Any help would be much appreciated.





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