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Scenery.CFG Question...


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Hi guys,


I need to pick your brains if I may :-)


I've recently reinstalled FSX SE and have been putting all my add-ons back in their rightful places.


The only slight issue I came across was when I attempted to install FreeMeshX Global 2.0.


If I attempted to install it from outside FSX, it promptly issued a scenery.cfg error. However...when I put the mesh into my Addon Scenery directory...no problem. At first I thought this was a Scenery.CFG issue and so went looking for it. This was located in the Programdata directory as I use Windows 10. For reference, there wasn't one present in AppData.


Upon opening the file, it all seemed to look correct, as all my recently installed entries for UTX were listed.


So my question is...Why can't I install the mesh from outside FSX? Am I forgetting something fundamentally simple? :-)





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Not sure. I have freemeshx 1.0.

I have fsx (box) in c:/fsmain/Microsoft Flight Simulator X/


and Freemeshx is in:




All those can be activated/de-activated using the scenery library as any other.


I have Win7, wise scenery.cfg is in /appdata also

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It would seem to me that if you wanted to install the mesh outside of FSX, that entry would have to be reflected in the scenery.cfg.


This is true for scenery installed to other HDDs.


Perhaps that installer isn't making the correct entries in scenery.cfg when you install outside of FSX.

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