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Saitek switch panel how to get it work + SFX profile? Noob


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My very first post and noob too, so watch out lol :)

Bought a used Saitek yoke with a switch panel lately.


I'm not very familiar to SFX, but have tried it a few times before with joystick etc.

The yoke is showing up in settings, but how do I get the switch to show up for editing etc?

I have downloaded and installed the "Flight yoke system drivers" and the "FSX and Prepar3D Plug-in".


I also "installed" the FSX profile from the zip, but even I have reset the profile and saved it, some functions are not working as ( I ) expected.

Fe. the most-left low button at the throttle panel - it should be "auto start engine" (if I have read that right) but it isn't pr default.

However it works fine when I edit the button myself, but that makes me think that reset isn't all I need to do..


Excuse me if all this has been mentioned a lot of times earlier, I searched the forum a bit but didn't read all posts about this :)




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Firstly, welcome to the forums!


A few ideas:


Since you bought it used... have you actually seen the panel work before? Saitek was bought out by Logitech. I would go to their website and download two items. One is the Logitech driver for the switch panel and two they have a little test app (can't remember the name), where you can run and it will basically reveal a graphic of the panel and as you click each button it will show its movement. This is a good way to see if indeed the OS is seeing the panel before running it inside FSX.


Another idea is to use SPAD. This was a little freeware app that worked very well for my with my Saitak panels when I was on FSX. I search for that and try it.


Hopefully, these will get you in the right direction.

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Thank you for the welcome :)

Well.. I Tried to download the SPAD software to see if it worked.

At first there wa no difference but then I randomly clicked the plane's "profile" in SPAD - and everything worked as expected!


No I will hurry up to adjust death zones etc (even at low the plane feels slow to start navigate?) and try out FSEconomy (never tried that when I ued joystick).. etc :)

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Just a reminder there is a dedicated Hardware Forum:



The bindings editor built into FS is for assigning KEYS to dedicated FS features. To assign controller switches and buttons to internal FS keys, external control mapping software is required which comes with most controllers as an installable application. There are also some third party control mappers.



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