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Hi all.

is it worth spending £350 on a gaming mother board and a i7 4ghz cpu. At the moment I have a cheap £30 board that works fsx ok and a i5 3.2Ghz. I really want to get better graphics for the scenery and to make everything look great. I have a fantastic graphics card but I'm just not getting the results.


I have seen a video on you tube and it's amazing everything same spec and software as mine except the board and the cpu and I have 6gb of ram and not 8gb


Can anyone recommend?

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Hope you get a good reply soon.


I am in the same boat.


Will check back.



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Do not spend a penny based on what you see on Utube.


Most of those videos have gone through some post production and do not represent what you would see in the sim on that person's computer.


One common trick is to record at 1/4 or 1/2 speed, which greatly eases the load on the computer, and then speed the recording up in post.


As for your purchase, are you unhappy with what you see on your sim now?


Going from 3.2GHz to 4.0GHz will increase your performance.


Some say your frames will increase the same amount as your CPU speed.


You are looking at about a 20% increase in CPU speed, so is that worth the expense to you?


If you get an unlocked i7 and overclock it up to ~4.4GHz you will see even better performance.



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