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Would like analog DME gauge

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New to FSX, and enjoy flying the DC-3. Would like to add some modern avionics to the instrument panel, though, like a DME (just distance; don't need ground speed, etc).


All the DME gauges I have seen are digital and don't look nice in the cockpit. Does someone have a DME that looks like an automobile speedometer? Similar to: images.jpgimages.jpgimages.jpg


Is this something I could make myself? If so, can I get a pointer to some tools and documentation?



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XML gauge building is relatively easy once you learn it which takes a while. If you already have HTML/XML skills and/or program scripting skill, it's quite accessible. As in all things technical and artistic, the performance and appearance of the gauge is in the details and your artistic ability.


The development tools which come with FSX SDK teach you how. What does the real DC3 DME look like? FSX comes with one. MS generally does an OK job at making a classic aircraft look authentic while still preserving as much performance as possible.


On boxed versions of FSX, the SDK is on the disk. Steam Purchasers will have the SDK directory right in the installation. Follow the instructions.



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