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FS 2002 add ons


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Been away from this site for quite awhile, but seems like under the file library there was a selection for 2002 add ons, I want to add some extra planes to FS2002 but am at a loss on how to accomplish this. Any help will be appreciated.
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Basically, look up at the top header of this forum, click on "File Library" and choose "Search Files". The drop down list will show you the various FS2002 sections. :pilot:

You might also consider trying some of the earlier FS2004 aircraft and any of the FS2004 sound files. I usually look for an upload date prior to 2008-ish, after that you're usually dealing with a later version of design software (not always but usually) that won't work with FS2002.

For scenery, you're limited to downloads for FS2002 and FS2000 (maybe even FS98). There are some FS2004 scenery packages that can work with FS2002, but in most cases you'll want to avoid them. FS2004 uses a different "header" definition that can raise havoc in FS2002.

The one exception to this are FS2004 Elevation aka Mesh scenery files. Mesh files add more precise contours to things like mountains and hills and may also update the scenery ground textures (if you're sure there should be a town in a certain spot, try updating the mesh and it should show up).


In short-

FS2002 aircraft, scenery, and panels are all good.

Early FS2004 aircraft are usually good.

Later FS2004 aircraft will load but not appear or may be missing things like Stall/Overspeed breakpoints and wheel brakes.

FS2004 panels are good but some gauges may not operate.

FS2004 sound packages are usually better than their FS2002 versions. FSX sound packages may also be used.

Unless its Mesh elevation data, try to avoid scenery made ONLY for FS2004.


I think that was what you were looking for? :confused:

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Thanks for the info. I was really looking for info on downloading a/c and installing into FS2002. As I recall, you had to download into a new file, then unzip into a junk file, open it and read the read me part, and install into FS2002 as instructed. Its been a long time since I have done this, so I just wanted some advice.
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