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DIY 737NG cockpit for sale


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My DIY home build flight simulator need a new home




This is a B737NG (700/800/900) look-a-like simulator - fixed base - 2 seater - with all systems, made on FSX, Project Magenta, Opencockpits. Parts partly build as DIY, partly combined DIY and purchased elements, and partly finish plug'n'play parts - this is a dream of DIY flight simulator and has been my hobby for the last 10 years.


I have recognized that my eager for building and flying has come to an end and instead of leaving the flight simulator in the room I have decided that another enthusiast should have the opportunity to continue the work I have started.


This is a DIY project - if you are interested - you need all kind of skills and knowledge in multiple disciplines as handy man, software, hardware, computer, work shop, painter etc.

All the materials I have purchased, collected over the years will follow the flight simulator including the DIY CNC milling machine for brackets and panels Including the LapTop controlling it, as well as license for K-code software and text generator software), as well as a large collection of cables, wires, electronic components, connectors and much much more


Based on 6 Windows7 PC’s in network, three 50" displays, with HW widescreen box gives total 3840*1080 and 90 degree viewangel - 45 degree each side), Microsoft Flightsim X (sp2), FSUIPC, WideFS, ProjectMagenta (ClassCockpit, CDU, MCP, pmSystems, pmSound, pmGetweather), Opencockpit (SIOC and HW modules), Leo Bodnar BU836X (USBinput), ReveolutionSimProducts TQ (Throttle Quadrant), and other software for specific system simulations. Overhead are simulated in a touch screen, with sound simulation added.


This is truly a Do IT YOUR SELF project – but for those who loves DIY – this will a head start of your dream.

The simulator project including all parts must be picked up at location in Denmark, expect a full day or two day packaging operation, including of course a lot of hand over information, documentations an much much more. Since its more than two years it has been "fired up" some PC's need attention to start-up :)


Price range 4-5,000 Euro (negotiable send me an PM - then we can talk about it)


Throttle quadrant and pedestal

sim 2.jpg


Dashboard (this is an old photo, a new AP ver3 from OpenCockpit has been installed)



here are some other detail photos - much more










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Hello there.. Sorry that you are giving up your passion. While I am already building my DIY 737 pit, I am wondering if you are willing to part out some of the components from your sim.


I am interested in 4 things.


1. the throttle quadrant

2. Fire Control Panel -> what brand

3. radio panels (all of them) -> what brand

4. overhead touchscreen


I have entire MIP built on Opencockpits hardware and I am interfacing with Xplane 11 I would like to know about the components I listed above.


Thank you

Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X: Motherboard: MSI X470 GAMING PRO CARBON : 16GB DDR4 3000MHz:

MSI GeForce GTX 1070 TI graphics card.

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Hi simmers


My DIY sim is still for sale - let me know if you are interested - price negotiable 😜

Consider price for postage and transfer of PM sw - sure there can be worked out a solution 👍🏻


If Scandinavian or north Europe buyer I propose we do the packing together and you do the transport, if further away I can pack all the stuff as good as possible, it will be in a wooden container(pallet) - approximately w 80cm, l 205cm and H 135cm (I hope) - weighing (pure guesswork 50-75 kg - and cost of shipping is yours - taking that in consideration- I am open for reasonable offers.


The simulator will be packed anyway into a wooden container as described above sometime during October 2019


Come one guys let me hear from you

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