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FRAPS Question-- Start new file when changing some views


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Hi, It's been awhile since I've been here. I have begun using FRAPS to record video of my flight sim... not all too often, just starting to get into it.


One thing I notice, is if I start on an external view and stay on external views of my flight, FRAPS will continue to keep the recording contained to one file. But as soon as I change view to an internal view from an external-- or if I had started internal, and moved to external-- it will break up the recording and start a new video file.


Why is this? And is this a desirable behavior, or really something that isn't quite so good? If the latter, how do I stop it from doing that?


Also, if I wish to display my flight map (I'm going way back and thinking FS9 in this regard); it doesn't display that as an overlay, like it otherwise does on my monitor. Is that to be expected, or am I doing something wrong?


Thank you,


-- John

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I have been using FRAPS for a while and I can't remember it doing that ('.. it will break up the recording and start a new video file.'). In 'Movie' tab I have 'Split movie every 4 Gb' ticked. I get 1 min 30 sec's (average) time per 4Gb. But, I have 4Gb movies that are 2 min 30 sec's in length. But I don't know how it does that (ie: I don't know how to control it to do that). So, go figure.

Chuck B


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