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Hi All,


I've downloaded and installed some of the HJG 707s. I then went to their website and forums to find the flight manuals for them without any luck. While they aren't study level sims, they are more than the usual. Does anyone know where they are located or can I get a link, please. Honestly, I did put a good effort into this.


Take good care.

Bill Mattson


Airspeed, altitude and ideas, bad to run out of all three at the same time

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"CRJ SIMPILOT" s correct .... the HJG forum is the place to seek such support and information advice :)




There "ARE" manuals ("PANEL INSTALLATION & HANDLING NOTES" we call them .... because they cover "both" aspects) for each of the HJG simulations. These are located on the various aircraft SUPPORT forum pages on the HJG forum .... as locked and stickied threads. These also regarded as HJG's forum based and online manuals .... and which cover virtually everything that's essential to be understood and/or practiced in order to get the greatest satisfaction out of these simulations. These manual vary in length .... as required and in accordance with the complexity of each simulation. Seek direction o the HJG forum should you required further assistance with these particular matters ;)


I forgot to add ....


As George has already stated there is a separately downloadable PDF type manual for the HJG B707's and B727's .... available from the HJG BOEING panels pages.


PLEASE NOTE THOUGH: The downloadable B707 PDF is still "current". However .... that for the B727 panels "is not" .... most of its gauge explanations are still current (all of the few U/S items refrenced within it are fixed and these panel further enhanced) but this B727 PDF manual has been superseded by the "B727 PANEL INSTALLATION & HANDLING NOTES" as posted/locked/and stickied on the HJG "BOEING AIRCRAFT SUPPORT" forum page ;)


Mark C


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