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FSX suddely very slow


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Good day guys!

I have a problem with FSX. It seems that the pc has suddenly became very slow, Fsx makes strange sounds, like interferences. When i change the view, it blocks. Yesterday everything was ok; i tried to defrag the disk, and downloaded Memory Cleaner, but nothing to do, it continues to be very slow. Recently i haven't installed anything that could cause the problem. My PC has the following characteristics:


-Windows 8.1

-Intel Core i5 processor 4440

-NVIDIA GeForce GT625 2GB

-1 TB Hard Drive


I think that th problem can be the virtual memory. Maybe it could be changed to a lower value. Can you please help me?


Thank you!

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Don't mess with the virtual memory. By default, it works. Your problem is elsewhere.


Since this is not a FSX specific problem, you might get faster-more specific help in the hardware forum.


What is the size of your installed system memory?



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It's that "rear pain" I have recently brought up to the forum.

There is one primary item responsible for the problem: Global Textures Resolution.

Once I've set mine from Very High to High, the problem was gone.


However, flying in night environment seems to be more demanding on the system, so you may experience an OOM on long flights if the flight is ending during dark hours, then you do the following: as soon as you hear that strange "tooo" sound, pause the sim and lower down the Global Texture Resolution by another notch to "medium" and that will do.

When landed and at the gate with park brakes set, you will have to bring the Global Texture Resolution up to "High" again in order to be able to read the labels on the overhead panel (and elsewhere) because texture sharpness is being reduced with Global Texture Resolution at "medium". You will not have an OOM when at the gate.


But ultimately, the problem is there because FSX is an ancient software and the OOM problem will be resolved only when a new simulator is developed.

Then of course, can't blame it on MS & FSX entirely because back then we had no MegaAirport sceneries and PMDG-777s, FSX alone wouldn't cause an OOM I assume.

So... no solution, but a manipulation with Global Textures Resolution.

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I never got an OOM and I have the GTR set at max all the time. This is not a problem with a defect in FSX, but complex user decision related problems.


Based on posts you've made elsewhere alex, my system is far inferior to yours so with a GTR set at max I should be getting OOM whenever I pull up to the gate, but I don't.

I don't get them at all under any circumstances.


It's important for new FSX users to understand the experiences of some is not ALWAYS applicable to all when it comes to system and FSX performance. Many problems are user and hardware specific.


We really cannot help this OP without knowing a lot more about his system, FSX version and patch level, Tweaks or lack thereof, Add-ons, recent changes to his FSX prior to observing the problem, the frame rate he gets when things are worst and FSX option settings. Until we know everything, we are spitting into the wind.



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