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so you navigate to the FSX folder (using the woai installer)?

And then you find the folder?

but then you don't find the fsx.exe file?



have you selected "FSX" in the box above the one you use to navigate?

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You should know that many AI aircraft flight plans provided by WOAI are encoded in FS2004 format. If you add FS2004 flight plans to FSX, then only FS2004 flight plans will work. If there are any FSX flight plans in the mix they won't run.



I would use AIFP and convert the flight plans to FSX. The flight plans go in the scenery/global/scenery folder. It's not that hard.


Models them selves go into simobjetcs/airplanes. Or is it aircraft? But it's under simobjects. Can't miss it.

I chose to decompress the WOAI flight plans to a folder on my desktop and manually move them to FSX. I don't trust any .exe to throw things in my Sim.


If you get any flight plan errors in AIFP you can just ignore it. Ideally it should be fixed, but you can still use the flight plans.


Go in the library here and search for file name aifp2121.zip

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