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FS2002 add-on order?


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Your question isn't very specific. :confused:


To keep things simple, the answer I think you're looking for depends a lot on the operating system. :pilot:


On a 32 bit system, the "loading order" for scenery is a lot more important because you don't have a lot of system RAM for FS to work with. Eventually, you'll max out the available memory and either FS or Windows will shut down. This will also effect everything you're loading into FS including more complex aircraft files and sounds.


On a 64 bit system, things are simpler from your perspective because you have a lot more RAM to work with. Some scenery files can still cause problems, especially if those files overlap in the sim, but for the most part having more RAM available makes things like load order less of a headache.

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BTW, "photo scenery and another scenery improvent disk" has me a little confused. :confused:


Are you sure your Grand Father is running FS2002? FS2002 is an older version of FS that some of us still run and enjoy :cool: BUT I've never seen any scenery that could add anything on the order of "photo-real" areas until FS2004 came along.


FS2002 scenery textures tend to be less complex although adding updated "land class" files can give more realistic elevations to mountains and terrain areas.


While adding FS2004 scenery is possible, it can also be risky due to some differences between FS2002 and FS2004 scenery files.

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