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Win 10 install


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I purchased a new copy from MS and dw it onto a flash drive. I have read many posts on my SH4 & FSX forms as to problems with Win 10 64 B. All my simulation games run fine under the Win 7 64 b and I am reading thqat the April update of Win 10 is causing some problems. also loading it in the default file is not a good idea . I purchased the Win 10 for Dummies senior book ,but have not started to read it. as I usually get better advice from the people that have these games and have already found and corected the problems. I will wait until I get some advice from the forums.

My computer is home built as follows:Win 7 64 b- Core i7 4790K256 kilobyte primqary mem. cashe- ASUSTeK Maximus VII HERO REV 1.XX- 3 SSD HARDDRIVES 250 gb, 1 1000 GB 7000 RPM DRIVE - 32 MG MEMORY, 16 GB USABLE.



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Some people have reported issues with Win 10 and its update process, I have not seen any on my 3 systems.


But here are a couple of hints: do not - repeat not - install FSX to the default path under C:\Program Files (x86)..., but instead to something like C:\FSX. The reason for this is that UAC in Win 10 seems to be more restrictive with regards to write access in C:\Program Files.


You do not write what version of FSX this is - DeLuxe, Gold or SE.


If this is DeLuxe, then at the end of the installation process you enter a free flight. Fly around for about 30 seconds or so. then end the flight and shut down FSX. Now reboot. Start FSX again and activate it, then shut down, Reboot again. Now find SP1 and SP2 and install those. Reboot again, then defrag your HDD.


For Gold (or Acceleration) proceed as with DeLuxe until after the reboot after activation. Then install the Acceleration disk (the third one), fly around again a bit, then exit the flight etc and activate Acceleration (don't bother with SP1 and SP2, they are included in Acceleration). After activation, reboot and defrag.


SE is easy, it has everything in it. Just take care and set the installation path correctly.


Any other question, just ask away!


Happy flying -



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