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Hello all. Dug out my box of FSX gold edition and having an issue with resolution.

I have a GTX 1070, 15-6600K, plenty of memory and harddrive space.

Just bought a new monitor. 27" Acer 2560x1440/144Hz.

Any one have a similar setup? what screen resolution?

Been going through but there are many. Currently seems like everything is too close. Instrument panel seems too large.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thinking of X plane 11 instead.




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The best resolution for ANY game is when your desktop is set to the default resolution of your monitor and the game is set to the same resolution. FSX on installation always sets the default to a low resolution to make sure the sim works. After you have made this setting, shut down FSX, open the FSX.CFG file and after making a backup, add/change this line to the [DISPLAY] section of the file:



Save and close the file.

Restart the sim.



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