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Converting yoke and pedals from game connector to USB


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no, won't work. Windows does not support the gameport any more. Not since Win7. No system driver for it. And support won't come in future either.


there are gameport to usb converers. (won't work either. (more meant for use with XP)

for 10 dollars -- won't work at all

for 40ish to 60ish dollars -- may give forward-back motion, no more. No throttle, buttons, or hat switch.

for more then that -- are just a rip off anyway.


and for 40ish dollars you can also get a good basic modern usb stick. With forward-back and left-right, plus a throttle, and several keys you can assign to functions. Plus they have a hat switch to change the view direction in fsx.


So don't throw good money after the old stick. Donate the thing at a thrift store, and get a modern stick.

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