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Do I need a specific weather client like activesky to run payware aircraft such as PMDG 777 or aerosoft a320? I have watched videos of simmers using them and I noticed that you need to upload the weather data, more specifically the winds. Can you still do this with the default fsx weather?
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Pmdg weather radar shows the weather from active sky. With AS, the weathec on the radar is the same as what you see outside.

With default weather it's not the same. I'm not sure the radar shows anything at all then.


Don't know if AS is required for the radar of that A320-321. See in their system requirements if it is.

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For the PMDG 737NG you will need at minimum Active Sky Next to see the true radar returns on screen. I would recommend Active Sky 2016 with Active Sky Cloud Art injection. It's not very expensive. As the 737NG needs Active Sky, I'm sure their other products do to.


Now whether you need a weather engine or not is all on you if you don't want to see the radar. But FS's weather has been pretty shooting and it's advisable to use a third-party weather engine like Active Sky. You'll be immersed in more realism. Especially with Cloud Art.


For me personally, I've had the ability to scrape cloud layers due to Active Sky 2016 and Cloud Art. With the default weather I never saw that ability at all. I just came in over Switzerland and as I crossed the mountains there came in some impressive clouds and turbulence.


You might be interested in TopCat. https://www.fspilotshop.com/topcat-take-off-and-landing-performance-calculation-tool-p-1493.html





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I second the AS16 recommendation. I got it a few weeks ago and am very impressed. I haven't even gotten the Cloud Art yet, but it's much better than Rex's weather system, and not even in the same ballpark as the default weather engine.


The turbulence within clouds is particularly good.

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