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Scenery Object Conversion


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Taking a shot in the dark here - I know that many Flightsim people also mess around with MS Trainsim. Has anyone successfully converted an FS scenery object for use in Trainsim? I realize the file structure is different, but just wondering if it's been done and how to go about it.


Apologies if this has been discussed before, I couldn't find any reference to it.



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I Tom,

Being a huge TS'er for many years, I know I have seen at least one object from FS in TS. Not sure how it's done, but somebody either converted it, or created it in both formats.

Thinking on it, I have also seen some of the "people" objects in both TS & FS.

Hopefully someone will provide the mechanics behind it for you. I'd bet an Erik Cantu or Scott Brunner would have that knowledge.




Neil :cool:

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