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So frustrated with windows 7 and FS2004


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Hi can anyone help me please?

last month my hard drive went down and I lost everything! so I managed to get windows 7 and loaded it on as my o.s.

installed FS2004 then the poo started all my add ons eg. vfr scenery, british airports, just flight Lancaster etc will not install, they start to do the normal install then nothing!!!. Can anyone shed some light on this real pain please?

many thanks Mark

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I assume you've tried the usual suspects - do not install in Program Files, run all .exe as administrator, use XP compatibility mode. (Most installers, particularly payware, require access to the registry; windows will block this without admin privileges, and will block access from Program Files to/from many other areas.)
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This is related to the SECDRV/KB3086255 issue...…..


The KB was introduced by MS as an update to disable SECDRV as it is deemed to be security risk. They issued the update to Win 7, 8 and Vista users after taking the decision to totally remove from future OS (starting with Win 10).


As you have Win 7 you have a number of options...…


1. Re-enable SECDRV.

2. Delete the KB - this is a temp method as the win update procedure will eventually re-load and install the KB update after a short time period.

3. Use of a method that normally, if discussed on the forum will lead to the thread being closed and deleted as it is seen as a 'crack' which goes against the EULA - see your PM box for details


Details on how to do the first two methods can be found HERE




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