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Realistic cloud textures for P3D


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I was browsing the net looking for some good cloud texture sets and I stumbled upon this: its a cloud texture set by a guy who made a pack for PTA & Reshade similar to URP.


I found them on this website here: http://1coder.ru/SKY


The issue however is that the website is down & I am unable to download the clouds, I searched all over the internet but I couldn't find them anywhere, here's a few pics to show them.


If someone has the cloud texture set could you please send them to me via PM?


imageproxy.jpegimageproxy (2).jpegimageproxy (1).jpeg


I wouldn't ask if the site hadn't been taken down, I'll try and ask the author on Avsim if he is there but I'm not sure if he will respond.

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Save your $$ if that is an issue. Wait for a sale and get Active Sky. I've never talked to anyone who got it and regretted it. For years the standard was REX Texture and Active Sky for weather generation. In their last releases, the folks at HiFi and made their cloud textures as good as REX.


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