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Textures being Weird Help need from amazing people


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Hi all,


So I just come across a problem and search and search and can't find an answer which is a pain. I just repainted a couple of AI aircraft.

Or more debrand and rebrand so nothing huge. I used DXTbmo and Paint.net. The only problem is now the textures only load when I am very close to the aircraft. When I am further away they just appear lime green (the colour of the texture background) I did change that to white to see if that helped but alas no. As they are Ai it is just one bmp for most of the aircraft. I just wondered what I had done wrong.


Many thanks



PS I huge thank you to everyone that donates time and talent to providing the Flight sim files for download thank you from the bottom of my heart from fs95 to present. god I am old.

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