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Qualitywings 757 Problem

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To change the range you need to use the EFIS control panel - this is accessed in a number of ways:


If in VC mode its located on the left hand side of the throttle quadrant directly below the FMC.


In 2D mode you need to call up the throttle quadrant OR the EFIS control panel - either via the icons, the view menu list or by using SHift+3 and Shift+6 respectively - if you haven't changed any listing values in the panel.cfg file.


It is worth noting that the there isTWO different EFIS control panels and they relate to the cockpit configurations available with the model - original style and retrofit.


The first is shown on Page 55 of the manual and it what is shown when you view it in VC mode or on the throttle panel popup - this panel only appears to control the RH EFIS.


The second is shown on Page 80 of the manual and is configured differently and controls both EFISs.


Note that sometimes, if you can't change the range, you will need to 'activate' the knob by clicking on its centre (black area) - this enables/disable the TCAS info mode. Simply click once on the black area (a TCAS on message will be displayed on the EFIS screen at middle left and the traffic symbols will appear if any aircraft are in range). You will then be able to change the range.




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