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737 Fuel Tank variations


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Hi all. So I just came across an old Delta Airlines fueling manual I had from 2000 and I figured I would post a pic of the 737 page here showing the variations of the fuel tank capacities for the 3 main tanks of the 737CL and 737NG. The top two rows are for the 737-200, the 3rd row is the 737-300 (-400 &-500 similar) and the last row is for the 737-800 (-600,-700 & -900 similar). Hope you find this info useful. Happy flying!


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I always thought it was odd that fuel weighed less than water. I imagined that fuel had more chemicals and molecules than water and thus would weigh more. Yet water weighs about 8.35 pounds per gallon.


I have also read that fuel weight can change if it's that low temp stuff. I can't remember its name now.

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Actually when I was servicing aircraft many years ago I remember the weight (fuel density) was checked 3 times a day and the value was always different depending on the temperature. Average was 6.73 per gal. The warmer it was the less it weighed. Out in the sweltering heat of the Las Vegas summers it was not uncommon for an aircraft fuel tank to stop taking fuel because it was full by gallons but the the gauge being in pounds would show 200-300 pounds shy of being full.
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