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Conflict with FSX and Traffic Global

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I recently downloaded Traffic Global and when trying to create an AI flight an error message indicated that the airport I had included in the process wasn't recognised. I put this question to the TG forum and they indicated that it was an FSX issue that the scenery files had been corrupted. Before I installed TG I had done a flight with Bombardiar and used the same airport successfully. They suggested a FSX installation disk and use the error facility.


FSX is on the D Drive of my computer. TG is on both C: Drive and D Drive.


If I open TG on C: Drive all the airports are listed. If I open FSX on D. Drive and open TG airport facilties in FSX settings>scenery and follow the same route there is a blank folder where I expected to find the list of aircraft.


I have put this to TG forum but no reply. I think they believe it is an FSX issue.

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