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Flightsim.com - forum - being blocked by Norton SafeSearch


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Hi staff and others,


Hope this is the correct place for this new topic, apologies please move as necessary.


Today I have been receiving countless Norton warnings in my browser each time I navigate to the Flightsim.com forum page or click an email message for a posted reply to notified topics, moments after the page loads or navigating to an interesting topic title or post. I am using IE11 Browser in Win7/64 and have the latest version of Norton Internet Security with current definition updates. It seems almost impossible to navigate the forum as the site is being flagged as "Fraudulent Webpage Blocked" continue or exit red message appears "Highly recommended that I do not visit the page". I chose to continue this once just to post this message in the hope you could lift any false flag that Norton is placing on your forum page.


Anyone else with Norton getting this NIS Safe Search browser warning since 20/07/2018


I have tried also to post a jpg image in the normal way as I had many times before (no luck) rejected as invalid .jpg it was properly resized and uploaded but rejected by the image posting tool.


I would post a pic of the browser notification but the post edit panel is preventing the usual posting of uploaded pics from host URL. Something serious is happening on the site or with the forum software I fear. Hope not!


Cheers Jethro

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Simple fix: get rid of norton. I am not being sarcastic. I own a computer store. I am unable to do anything with norton, it clamps your pc down and it takes away half your performance. I do not understand why norton (the company) does that, but I simply cannot use it. I use Panda free on all my customers, and if (for whatever reason) want a paid antivirus I use Kaspersky. Marco..
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Bad advice. Find out what is causing it.


Fix it. Maybe an issue with the pc. You can always contact Norton and ask them.

Check things like clearing browser cookies. If you were using a free vpn, switch it off perhaps. Do not use two anti virus or firewall solutions at the same time. Check your router. Disable browser addons. Try a different browser.

And lots more things to try.


Btw, the free version of Panda is not a resident scanner. It is an on demand scanner. Not a bad one, but still an on demand scanner that does not provide constant protection. You can download any infected file you want with it.

You made a much better choice with paid Norton. That will stop downloads of infected files, so they never even reach your PC.

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