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American Virtual is restructuring and looking for YOU!


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Hello all,


American Virtual at http://www.usairwaysva.org has been in a lull for a while as it is summer and our staff has other real life commitments. We are in the process of restructuring and placing people in positions who have the time to devote to the hobby.


American Virtual prides itself on being a family oriented VA. Does that mean we are all related? No! But we fly with each other on VATSIM, we have training programs and positive feedback from the staff as well as events, an active facebook page, upcoming twitter and more.


With that being said, we are looking for pilots who have the time to devote to the hobby. We are not a VA without rules and procedures, so you will most likely have to start of with the small planes, unless you have some verifiable hours with a different VA. There are other procedures as well, such as landing rates, fuel planning, etc. But nothing too heave that you can't handle!


So I invite you to check us out at http://www.usairwaysva.org. And if you decide to join, join the Charlotte hub as we are leading the charge of the restructuring!


Hope to see you soon!


Sean P Jackson

American Virtual

Vice President of Operations - KCLT



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