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Strange cockpit A320

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It looks like you copied the entire panel cfg when you should have only copied part of it. You've tried to slam the VC gauges into the wrong panel. Make a backup copy of the original A320 and A321 panel cfgs and store them somewhere in case things go wonky. Now copy only the part of the A321 panel cfg starting from [Window Titles] down to just before the [Vcockpit01]. Now you have captured only the 2D cockpit configuration. Now delete the same section in the A320 panel cfg (because you made a copy, right?) and paste that in. If the new 2D view is missing gauges you've got to figure out which ones you need and copy and paste those from the A320 to the A321 panel folder. You will also need to transfer the bitmaps( or DDS's) from the A320 panel to the A321 panel folder. Good Luck, hope this helps.



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