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Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar Y AXIS died after years. Solution Found! Tip for Loose Nuts

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My 20 yr old? Joystick with rusty allen screws all around Joystick was making problems for years on Y AXIS RUDDER. When I finally unscrewed the 4 Phillips screws under Joystick did I find that it was good I saved that loose Allen Screw about 4 O'Clock on the Screw Dial. There was a nut for it loose in Joystick housing and needed to be Returned to Normal for my Y axis to work again. I actually had had to pull it all apart again as I found this Washer on floor and thing did not work. It was completely out of socket. Dark Room Repair. All Good Now . Just loose 2.5 mm allen screws tighten rest too!
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