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Hello All.


I am currently a member of UAE Virtual Airline. However the airline seems to be without. As an enthusiast, I am planning to start my own airline under EMIRATES. I would appreciate anyone interested to join to get in touch with me.


I am still in the process of getting myself familiarized with the operations so am looking for all help I can get.


Thank for your interest.




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Morning Sir


I would be able to help you out massively for a small cost per month ? It would cost £50 set up cost and then £15 per month for maintance on the server and that would get you your Airline , Domian , first routing network, and fleet up to date with this year also it would come with any new updates and also Flight Trainings school and also Being able to buy lease and send aircraft to maintenance. Let me know if you want.


Go to FSvas.co.uk or yu could join us on discord if you have it

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Thank you for getting in touch with.


First I want to let you know that the website you mentioned above FSVAS.CO.UK is not valid. When I go to the website it says Account Suspended.


Second you can email me on aalap8990@gmail.com


I have been a member of UAE Virtual (https://uae-virtual.com) since May 2017. I can send you a overview of my profile if you like by email.


However the above airline seems to be inactive or without staff.


As I have mentioned above I am still familiarizing myself with the process of getting my Virtual Airline started. So I would appreciate if you can get in touch with me via email, so I can keep you updated as and when things move along.



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I underestimated and was ignorant on the web side of setting up a VA. I would recommend you do some research before commiting.


There are a number of VA systems out there, but it seems the most customizable is phpvms. There is also VAM, vaBase, and fsairlines. You can also create an airline in fseconomy and a few other sites like that.


Each system is going to have its share of expenses. I am most familiar with phpvms since it is the system I use for my VA.


First thing, is phpvms is old code. It is based on php5 and you will need a host that will allow you to choose your version of php. This is not the less expensive sites you often see offered. I use a host that specalizes with VAs for this reason. Hosting is about 75 USD per year.


All the really cool stuff you may want for your VA will most likely cost extra. Crazy Creatives is one of the names in php modules for phpvms and most of thier stuff has to be purchased for an extra 40 euros per module. There are some free modules in the wild that people share. But, if you want quality modules and support it is going to cost you.


Phpvms is being updated for php7. Who knows when it will be done, but it will be a major change when it happens. All of the current modules will have to be rewritten. Not sure at this point if it is better to just go ahead and start or wait for the future. Something to think about before investing heavly into phpvms 5.


Finally, there is sustainment of the system after someone has helped you set it up. I apperciate the help that Michael and Rick gave me, but I had to go back and learn myself what they did. I highly recommend leaning html5, css, and php prior to begining. I have taken these course from sololearn and it has helped me as my VA matures. I highly recommend sololearn as they are free and you can use your PC or a tablet.


Don't underestimate the cost of doing business. I am in for about $200 per year in continuing costs. There are new modules, hosting, SmartCARs, antispam for the forums (yes that is a huge thing), etc.


I think you are on the right road, as I came here and asked prior to opening Elite. See how many people are going to be interested in your brand and what people want in a brand. Don't underestimate copyright either. I stayed away from a real world airline because I have seen the laywers come in and ruin a va and leave the owener in a pickle for legal fees. Also understand how you will fit in with the new Euro Data protection law.

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The main FSvas site is back and running sorry didn’t get any warning or my bill LOL PMSL.


Also hi Ken nice your still around here and yes I also use Hosting for Virtual’s a Airlines I have invested time money and effort into the project I have a full time Lead Development Advisor who maintains the software we use a highly custom version of phpvms.


We have Custom flight planning , live Flight Training , Real buying , leasing , maintance as well as a fully intergrated fiance System costings for Cargo and Baggage Handlkng Fuelling and also other things as well such as Tickets sales Cargo agents

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