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Missing waypoints


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Hello all,


I Just have bought the ifly 737ng, and am trying to enter a flightplan in the fmc. I usually use the default flightplanner. So i created a route from Newcastle to Birmingham..I wrote down the waypoints, but when entering these in the fmc, some waypoints where 'not in database'...so i created a flightplan using the online flightplanner Simbrief, but had the same problem with missing waypoints in the fmc..i then took a subscription at Navigraph, updated the ifly 737 with the new 1807 airac cycle, updated the Simbrief account as well, but encountered the same problem, with the missing waypoints not in the database...


What is wrong here?


Hoping for some help...




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Sounds like your Navigraph AIRAC did not install properly or installed in the correct location.


Make sure when you run the installer that it points to the correct directory where your iFly 737NG FMS data is installed.


Hope this helps,


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The waypoints in fsx are old. They are in scenery files.

The navigraph update updates the waypoints that are in the fmc. To the current real world waypoints. But it does not update the scenery waypoints in fsx.

So don't enter the default waypoints into the fmc. There are online sites that help you create correct routes for the fmc.

(it is possible to update the fsx default waypoints, but beware, first of all the default flightplanner will on longer work. Second, it is not possible to uninstall the updated waypoints to in back to default.

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