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GSX not working with A_A Scenery Kuala Lumpur


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As the title says GSX is not functioning correctly with the Kuala Lumpur scenery by AA. Now the thing is that GSX does work as in I can pull the menu up & all the options work. However the gates are very "misaligned" as in when I spawn to say a random gate using GSX then it puts me in the middle of the tarmac next to the taxiway. If I use the P3D airport menu and spawn myself on a gate then GSX won't recognize it & I won't be able to use it.


Seems like the AFCADs used by P3D & GSX are misaligned, now I know that it doesn't show anything about P3D and it says only for FSX but I can use the airport no problem, it's just GSX is the issue.

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