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Any one from Southern New Mexico out there

rookie at 60

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I am trying to get some hands-on help. I would like to get back into Flight Sim again but need advice. I live in Alamogordo but am willing to drive. I was into FS until my XP computer died. Since then I have had Windows 8 and 10 but cannot get FS9 or FSX to work. I know nothing about computer terminology so verbal or written instructions don't do any good. My current computer is a Dell 3847 desktop with a Intel i5-4460 processor with 8 GB memory and 1 TB hard drive. It has an integrated Intel HD graphics which I would like to upgrade. It has two hard drives: one with windows 8 and the other is windows 10. I have discs for FS9 and FSX plus CFS 1 & 2.


Any one out there who is willing to help..........it would be much appreciated.

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