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Tree issues with Uruguyan airfields scenery


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I installed Daniel Nole's older Uruguay airfields scenery. The folders contain an "add_seevkahn_Trees" file and the files "sk_trees_01" to

"sk_trees_16" for textures. However, no trees appear.




What might be wrong? Thanks for any advice.



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I suspect that you will need to find and install the subject tree object library. The provided 'sk_tree.....' files are just 'placement' reference files.


Based on the name, I believe it is created by an individual called Seev Khan, someone who has provided/contributed to a number of different object libraries for use by the sim community, including the Rwy12 objects package and, I believe the EZ library object packages.


Any readme included with the scenery should give pointers to a possible file name and/or location where the library may be found. The said object library may even be included in one of the above mentioned packages - a search of the file library here at Flightsim using either the package names mentioned above or using the phrase Seev Khan will provide the packages. Note that the EZ package comes in 4 parts due to its size. Using the 'View' option (located at top left of the description box) will allow you to see what files are included and view any readme file provided prior to downloading - this may give an indication of which package, if any, has the tree objects.....




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Looking at your picture, the trees are there, you are missing the textures.


This often happens when you have more than one copy of the object library .bgl file. FS will only use one copy of that file which might not be the copy that came with that scenery.


Search your FS folders for add_seevkahn_Trees.bgl and delete all but one copy. Make sure that copy has all 16 texture files in the texture folder that is paired with the scenery folder containing the .bgl file.


If those trees are from another object library, or someone has renamed add_seevkahn_Trees.bgl to something else so the search will not find it, the problem might need further investigation.



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Thanks both for your advices. I deleted the additional .bgl file found in Static Object Library, but it doesn't change anything.


Meanwhile I installed the scenery in a virgin FS9, and it works without any issues. But there are no trees. So the Problem might be somewhere completely else. I have to reactivate all addons step by step, until I get the cause.



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